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  • nx-mermaid-grapher: Create Mermaid graphs for NX dependencies.
  • hamid.js: A library to trigger an action if the user is idle.
  • jelban-js: Another email address filter; filters out disposable and addresses' aliases.
  • telefonilo.js: Create "click to phone-call" links for your mobile users only (accepts encrypted phone numbers).
  • express-response-presenter: Standardize ExpressJS JSON response format.
  • nest-http-problem-details: A Nest.js HTTP exceptions filter returning RFC-7807 responses.
  • oktob.js: Substitute Latin letters with Arabic ones and vice versa.
  • nightly.js: A zero dependency JavaScript library that enables the night mode on your website easily.
  • Tchamba.random is a real random data generator (letters, jokes, names...).